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Celebrating 7 Years in Business

Boston Ballroom offers
Private Lessons and Group Classes in Ballroom and
Latin American DanceSport,
Social Dancing and Wedding Dance Training. 

The Professional Coaches at Boston Ballroom will teach you about dance musicality, posture, figures and foot patterns, body rhythm and partnering in order to
attain your dance goals with style and grace.

Bostons Wedding Dance Specialist are here to help you feel confident during your:
First Dance
Father & Daughter Dance
Son & Mother Dance
Parent Dancing

Rehearsal Dinner Dance
Let's Get The Party Started
 and More!

Learn to Dance Today at Boston Ballroom!
Couples and Singles enjoy learning Ballroom and Latin Dancing!
"Ballroom Dancing at Boston Ballroom gets me out of my head and let's me focus on myself after a busy day of work. I like the Private Dance Lessons so I can work one on one with my teacher, who corrects my movement and makes me feel more comfortable. Now I feel more confident in Group Classes and at Dance Parties dancing with any partner. Dance Lessons have also increased my self confidence outside of the dance studio!  Peter and Marisa's training is amazing and they are the most caring teachers I have ever met!"  Claudia S. Newton Ma  

If you are new to Ballroom and Latin Dancing we highly recommend starting with an Introductory Private Dance Lesson to find out which dance program is best for you!

In the Introductory Private Dance Lesson you will be taught the building blocks to build a strong foundation for a life long successful practice with dance. This lesson is designed to evaluate students goals and recommend a suitable dance program based on the students levels of coordination, rhythm, balance and movement ability.  

Studio Etiquette For Group Classes and Private Dance Lessons

There is no public viewing of any group or private dance lesson whatsoever.
Wear nice clothes to dance in, Dressing up will help you feel the part.
No Sneakers, Flip Flops or Heels over 3 inches or street shoes permitted on the dance floor.
If you don't have dance shoes please bring comfortable dress shoes to change into.

Please turn off you cell phone before entering
Refrain from wearing to heavy of a perfume or cologne, light is acceptable.
All student's should arrive 10 minutes before the Group Class begins.
(15 minutes for New Students)
Try to enter and leave the Dance Studio without disrupting the other Dance Students.
Questions in the class should benefit all students not just yourself,
save personal questions for a Private Dance Lesson.
Respect the Instructions of the Teacher and be ready to Follow the Step Patterns Given.

If you feel lost in the group class, then Private Dance Lessons will be needed.
No chewing gum, No Cell Phones and No Negative Behavior 
Thank you!

November - January 2017
Boston Ballroom
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BBDC Students please use our
Group Class Reservation system  one week in advance
to attend Boston Ballroom Group Classes, Thank you

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