Boston Ballroom Dance Center 2015 - 2016
Private Dance Lesson and Group Class Pricing

The value of individualized private dance lessons is priceless when you dance in front of family and friends with confidence.

Boston Ballroom will help you to attain your dance goals in the shortest amount of time possible. The number of private dance lessons a student requires is determined by the learning pace of the student and the students dance goals.

Are you wanting to compete in DanceSport Competitions? Are you getting Married? Have you been wanting to learn how to dance with your Wife or Husband but want to make it a date night and activity you can share together. 
Private Dance Lessons can make any goal a realty!

Group Classes teach you figures and patterns in different dances, Private Dance Lessons teaches YOU how YOU need to execute the movement, lead or follow, improve your technique, musicality, dance vocabulary, balance & posture, and partnering skills and that's where the movement is broken down into more detail.

Private Dance Lessons Pricing for a Single or Couple

Group Dance Classes Pricing
Single Drop In Class $18
Couple Drop In Class $30
10 Group Class Flex Pass (Couples May Share) $140 Click Here for New Year Deal!
20 Group Class Flex Pass (Couples May Share) $240 Click Here for New Year Deal!

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*Beginner Dance Special
Reg Price $160.00/ couple
 Holiday Special $99.00 /couple
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All Classes 45 min. Private Lesson by Appointment Only
and must be booked at least One Week in Advance
Only One purchase allowed for a couple.
Open to New Students Only.
Limited Time Offer.

Studio Etiquette For Group Classes and Private Dance Lessons
Wear nice clothes to dance in, Dressing up will help you feel the part.
No Sneakers, Flip Flops or Heels over 3 inches or street shoes permitted on the dance floor.
If you don't have dance shoes please bring comfortable dress shoes to change into.

Please turn off you cell phone before entering
Refrain from wearing to heavy of a perfume or cologne, light is acceptable.
All student's should arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the class.
(15 minutes for New Students)
Try to enter and leave the Dance Studio without disrupting the other Dance Students.
Respect the Instructions of the Teacher and be ready to Follow the Step Patterns Given.

If you feel lost in the group class, then Private Dance Lessons will be needed.